Our Story


I remember the exact moment I had the idea. It was a couple of days before Hanukkah and I still needed to find gifts for my two daughters. After a long day at work, I went out in search of everything I needed: gifts, candles, dreidels, gelt, a festive table setting; it was overwhelming.

After endlessly searching the shelves, it came to me. How incredibly convenient would it be if everything I needed for my daughters would just... show up? Eight curated gifts, individually wrapped, delivered to my house along with everything else I needed to carry on our family tradition. I could just focus on celebrating Hanukkah with my family. That would make it so easy. So simple.

Nothing like this existed, and I knew it should.  And just like that, Simply Hanukkah was born.

Simply Hanukkah handles the details so that you can focus on the children in your life and nurture their Jewish identity. 

Make it simple. Simply Hanukkah.


Victoria Turk

NYC based Mom of two | Director of HR at a FinTech company | Vegetarian who has never met a french fry she didn't like.