Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hanukkah Gift Package?

Hanukkah gift packages include 8 pre-wrapped gifts (one for each night of Hanukkah) appropriate for the age and gender you choose, Hanukkah gelt, a colorful wooden dreidel, and a Hanukkah story book.

We like to see gifts that foster children's imagination and creativity, so many gifts are arts and crafts related, involve building and constructing, or otherwise get children's minds or bodies moving.

What gifts do Hanukkah Gift Packages contain?

Our gift curators work year round to discover gifts that make every Hanukkah gift package a hit, and each and every one is built to delight! You can check out what's included in each gift package by clicking into the details for the gift package you're interested in from the Store page. Add on items are also available.

Will each of the gifts be pre-wrapped?

Absolutely! We wouldn't be Simply Hanukkah if we required you to get wrapping paper and wrap the gifts yourself.

When will the gift packages arrive?

For customers who order well in advance of Hanukkah, gift packages will arrive 2-4 weeks before the holiday so that you don't have to worry about hiding or storing gifts until then.

If you order closer to the holiday, your gift package will arrive any time up to several days before the first night of Hanukkah.

We don't accept any orders that wouldn't reach their recipients by the time they're needed.

can i send a note with the gift package?

Certainly! At checkout you can add a note to accompany your Simply Hanukkah gift package.

If I purchase more than gift package, will they be delivered in the same box?

Each Simply Hanukkah gift package will be shipped separately.

What is Simply Hanukkah's return policy?

Due to the bundled nature of gift packages, Simply Hanukkah is unable to accept returns or exchanges of gift packages or the individual gifts they contain. Our gift packages are curated to delight their recipients, and we're confident they will.

We do accept returns of "add-on items" (non gift packages) in their original packaging if they are undamaged. In order to keep costs as low as possible for customers, we require that customers who change their mind about a purchase be responsible for all return shipping costs.

Still have questions?

Still have questions after reading our FAQs? Not a problem! Just Contact Us and we'll be happy to help!